Securing the account on BitBay - Google Authenticator


Protecting your online accounts and investing platforms from cybercriminals should be considered a priority. Recently, we discussed how to build a strong password, and this time we'll go over 2fa, which is an extra, second step in account owner verification.

Google Authenticator application

You may protect your account at our exchange by installing the Google Authenticator software on your phone or tablet, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app produces single-use codes that are valid for a few seconds and allow you to log in and perform all activities on your account. When logging in to your BitBay account, you must enter not only your password but also the code presented in the application; only then will the system redirect you to the exchange.

Why do we encourage the use of this app?

It's critical that you have complete and constant control over the funds on your BitBay account. Two-step verification protects your account against attacks from anyone who wants to become rich at your expense. Even if your password is stolen, no one will be able to access your money or sensitive data, since your account will be safeguarded by the Google Authenticator. When Google Authenticator security is activated, all the most important operations, such as logging in or making withdrawals, will be authorised in this manner. We also encourage you to set up two-step verification for your email and social media accounts so that you are protected from identity theft and its further consequences.

How to activate Google Authenticator security on your BitBay account

In order to activate this security, just perform a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your BitBay account and look for the Security Settings tab in the right-hand collapsible panel.
  2. Once you've accessed this tab, click the switch next to the Google Authenticator option so that it lights up in blue, and then save your changes.
  3. When the changes are saved, a window will pop up to inform you how to save the Google Authenticator key and you will be asked to enter the code received from the app.
  4. After entering the correct code, you will be transferred to a page where you must accept the operation. A message with the code required to authorize the modification will be sent to the email address provided during registration.
  5. Enter the code from the email in the ‘enter the authorisation code #2’ box and click “Confirm.” Done!

While installing the Google Authenticator app, we recommend that you set and synchronize your computer time accordingly.