Statement about SegWit2x Hard Fork's cancellation and update of information about Bitcoin Gold


1. SW2X

Referring to the Mike Belshe message, which appeared on the SegWit2x discussion group (, we inform that the Hard Fork was canceled. What is more, the next week's break in BTC deposits and payouts at BitBay will not take place.

The reason for the cancellation of the division is that the Bitcoin community could also divide, and, as Mike writes, this value is more important to the society than the improvement. We recommend to read the above message.

2. Bitcoin Gold

The situation with SW2X explains perfectly why we are abstaining from launching the Bitcoin Gold markets until the situation will be completely clarified.

Yesterday, after a series of updates, BTG entered the second stage of testing and the second testnet was launched. According to the announcement posted on the official BTG blog (

If now everything goes properly, the main network will be launched soon.