The launch of BitBay 3.0


On 23rd of September you are going to get the possibility to use the newest update of our exchange - BitBay 3.0. It is the effect of our team hard work, that took us months of careful testing. In order to make you feel comfortable during this event, we want to share with you essential information about the upcoming migration to 3.0 version.

Due to significant fluctuations of a Bitcoin exchange rate in recent days, the release of BitBay 3.0 has been postponed. We made this decision based on your opinions and concerns that limited access to the platform during this period could be very unfavorable for you. We do not want the platform to be inaccessible at the time of price change as it could cause losses for our customers.

Furthermore, based on your suggestions, we decided to present you a 3.0 demo before launching a new version of the platform. We encourage you to test, comment, and discuss your opinions with us. We hope that this will make the final version even better.


BitBay 3.0 demo release date

Sunday, September 17th.


The launch date of BitBay 3.0

September. 23rd



Since 00:00 on the 23rd of September 2017 up to maximum 10:00 on the 23rd of September 2017 our platform is going to be unavailable. If we manage to finish introducing changes earlier, then the access to our exchange will be possible sooner.



All our clients' funds are completely safe and there is no need to withdrawn them before the migration period. Data are going to be fully and safely migrated to the new platform - it applies to:

  1. All personal information from 2.0 platform,
  2. Account settings with 2FA and verification,
  3. Account balances both in FIAT currencies and cryptocurrencies,
  4. Previously placed offers,
  5. Commission rate (many of you have lower fee due to your trading volume - you do not have to worry that it will increase),
  6. Favorite bank accounts,
  7. Users invited through affiliate program and commissions connected with them,
  8. Cards details,
  9. API settings,


Logging in to 3.0 version

After the migration to 3.0 version logging in will require the same data that were used to log in to 2.0 version. For security reasons, you will be asked to change your password during your first log in.


Change of cryptocurrency deposits address

CAUTION! Cryptocurrency deposits addresses ARE GOING TO BE CHANGED. Booking transfers send to previous addresses will take place up to the 1st of October. However, delays are possible. For this reasons, immediately after launching 3.0 platform, we highly recommend to log in and download new addresses for cryptocurrency deposits.


Access to data from 2.0 version

After launching new platform we will make possible to access the data from the previous version so as to copy and archive account data. We will share more information via email and articles after the start of 3.0 platform.



In order to make all your apps working properly, API form 2.0 platform will be supported until the 31st of October. If you use it, the "trades" method will not support the "since" parameter, and in the "tid" response it will not be valid (the value returned will always be 1). The 2.0 API will also not support reverse transaction sorting. Therefore, we recommend using new API that will include websocket communication. Documents regarding new API will be given along with the new version.


New cryptocurrencies

After launching our new platform you will be given the possibility to trade in following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Dash, GameCredits. Within 2 weeks period also Monero will be introduced. We are planning to introduce new cryptocurrencies within every next 2-3 weeks. We will inform you about adding them in advance.


Service providers for of PLN, USD, EUR deposits

Bank account numbers for PLN, USD and EUR deposits will not be changed.

Deposits service providers regarding PLN, USD and EUR are not going to be changed at the start of 3.0 version. However, we are going to introduce deposits via Payza and Perfect Money. What is more, express deposits via Dotpay are going to be restored.

For around one week, credit cards deposits are going to be suspended.


Customer support during the migration

During the whole migration period as well as after it our support team will be at your service. In case of any doubts that you may have please contact us.


We hope that you will be happy along with us with the new superior version of our exchange. Furthermore, we would like to make a remark that BitBay 3.0 is just the first product of the upcoming new series prepared by our team. Right now we are working for over the year on novelties that we hope to introduce soon.