"Top BCP Traders" - Second edition!


In cooperation with Blockchain Poland, we announce the second edition of ”Top BCP Traders” Competition for all users of the BitBay platform! The total prize of 250 000 BCP will be divided between 50 exchange users whose volume of Blockchain Poland transactions will be the highest during the period of competition! The competition will run from 30th of April to 30th of May 2019.

You can learn more about Blockchain Poland and the BCP token here!

Top 50 BitBay users with the highest trading volume of BCP, will be rewarded according to the table below:

PlaceReward (BCP)
1st place50 000
2nd place30 000
3rd place20 000
Places 4 - 10Pool of 70 000 (10 000 / User)
Places 11 - 20Pool of 50 000 (5 000 / User)
Places 21 - 50Pool of 30 000 (1 000 / User)

The results of the Competition will be held on May 31st 2019 until 4 p.m CET. The Winners of the Competition will be notified on June 3rd 2019 through the e-mail message. The Prizes shall be delivered to the Winners Accounts on the Website as soon as possible after the results will be announced - no later than on June 5th 2019.

Users who have not passed the full verification must undergo the verification procedure by 29th of May 2019 at the latest.

In order to participate in the Competition, Users are obliged to declare their participation by sending to [email protected] a message including the phrase: „I want to participate in Top BCP Traders competition”.

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We wish you successful trading, may the best trader win!

Participation in the competition is explicit with reading and agreeing to the regulations. Read the Terms and Conditions.