Weekly cryptocurrency review #7


Over the past week, the global cryptocurrency market has gained in value, and the total market capitalization has increased by almost 9.0%. The flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, recorded a strong increase of 7.0%, while other cryptocurrencies, such as EOS and DASH, increased by 24% and 42% respectively.

In general, cryptocurrencies have gone through quite a promising week with growing volumes. Bitcoin added 7.4% to its value, Ethereum 4.2%, XRP 2.2%, and EOS 24.6%. The strongest cryptocurrencies among the 40 most capitalized cryptos were Dogecoin (+ 116%), Dash (+ 42%), Bytecoin (+ 28%). The poorest performance was observed on Lisk (-9%), Nano (-7%) and Ontology (-5%).


CBOE plans to start trading Ethereum futures

One of the most interesting events in the cryptocurrency was the announcement by the Chicago Board Options Exchange of plans to launch termin contracts on Ethereum in cooperation with the Gemini exchange, with which CBOE previously cooperated in launching these futures on Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the financial press claims that the futures and options exchange is waiting for approval from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to give this project a green light before they can officially launch it. Following the recent announcement by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that Ethereum is a security product, Chris Concannon, the CEO of CBOE's, partly disclosed his plans for ETH, he said: "This information is a key turning point for termin contracts on ETH from time when we released the first termin contracts for Bitcoin on December 2017”. The CBOE Stock Exchange intends to finalize the entire process by the end of 2018.

The Chamber of Commerce of Blockchain and New Technologies starts.

And what's up on our Polish yard? Certainly one of the most interesting news regarding the entire crypto industry will be information about the inception of the Chamber of Commerce for Blockchain and New Technologies in Warsaw.

The institution was established on August 27 and so far more than 100 entities from the Blockchain technology market, artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency have been associated in it. The goal of the Chamber is to be an independent agency integrating the environment of various modern technologies and promoting innovation in the economy. If necessary, the Chamber also be an amicable court for the entire cryptographic industry. In addition, the Chamber declared its willingness to support the authorities in the regulation of new markets and will also support efforts to achieve legal and fiscal stabilization in the cryptocurrency markets.

The general meeting of the members of the chamber will be announced soon, at which the final management board is to be elected.