Weekly cryptocurrency review #8


BTC, ETH and XRP as the most popular HODL cryptocurrencies

SharesPost, which is a leading provider of liquidity solutions in private companies and stock exchanges, has published the results of its study, „Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Survey" conducted in July 2018. One of many interesting findings from this study is that "Bitcoin , Ethereum and XRP are the most popular cryptocurrencies among people with a long investment horizon (among the so-called: HODL-ers) ".

SharesPost Research conducted this survey "to understand the change of views of investors and consumers about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and to find out what the future will bring to these digital currencies" The research team invited both individual investors and accredited traders to take part in an online survey. They received answers from over 2,490 investors and 528 traders. For the purposes of this article, we will focus only on responses from individual investors.

The survey shows that over 3/4 of investors expect that Bitcoin will be the most profitable currency. In addition, the majority of investors and consumers have chosen Bitcoin as the most important currency they have. The next cryptocurrencies were Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin. These three cryptocurrencies, as they stated, "offer the greatest potential on the way to long-term success".

(Source: SharesPost)

The remaining conclusions from the study are presented below:

Cryptocurrency prices have seen a good price swing over the last few months, but the demand for them remained significant, as as many as 72 percent of investors plan to increase their assets in the next 12 months.

(Source: SharesPost)

2/3 of investors believe the valuation' - believe that the valuation of cryptocurrencies will increase over the next year.

(Source: SharesPost)

Investors are positive about the ability to transfer money through blockchain.

(Source: SharesPost)

Investors are mostly afraid of the high volatility of the market price of cryptocurrencies.

(Source: SharesPost)

The survey clearly shows that the majority of investors are still positive and are optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology.