OTC Trading

High-volume crypto - fiat trades

All popular FIAT
currencies available
From 1% fee
Request for the
price (RFQ)

What is the “OTC Trading”?

OTC services provided by BitBay allow users to execute large trades with one simple click.

Either you would like to buy or sell large blocks with fixed price there is no better place to do this. Our leading technology gives you an access to dozens of liquidity pools in one place. RFQ allows you to receive single price on screen in just milliseconds before you decide to execute the trade.

This is a perfect solution for institutional clients or high-volume individuals to get an access to large number of digital assets priced in USD, EUR, PLN and other fiat currencies globally.

On top to the leading technology which stands behind the scenes, we offer Clients access to one of the Leading Global Clearing House services specialised in cryptocurrencies, which makes cooperation with BitBay even more secure, fast and reliable. It allows clients to get an institutional-grade access to digital asset markets globally without sending to BitBay single dollar.

How it works:

1Open an account on BitBay
2Get the full KYC
3Deposit assets (either cryptocurrency or fiat)
4Check the price (RFQ)
5Execute the trade
6Use your funds right after the order has been completed

In case of the first trade, the process might take up to one hour. Every one after that will be completed within a few minutes. It's one of the best execution times for OTC services worldwide!