How our platform works

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When you register an account on BitBay you gain many possibilities. And it's all free!

Using our platform

Our platform allows you to keep Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a similar way to bank accounts. It means you only need a login, e-mail address and password that you set up yourself. For safety, access to your account will be verified by a method chosen when registering the account. It can be, for example, SMS with a PIN code.

On BitBay exchange you don't need to know your wallet address and private key because we are responsible for your funds and we keep them safe. However, if you want to keep your cryptocurrencies safe, you just need to open your private Bitcoin wallet and you can withdraw your funds to it.

Currency exchange

You can exchange fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies however you please. It gives you a chance to make money on exchange rate differences and to gain a currency that you need at the moment. You have some options to choose from.

Instant buying or selling gives you a possibility to exchange currencies in seconds - perfect solution if you need currency for a specific reason.

If you want to try trading - place offers on the exchange and set the parameters the way you want to.

If your deposit didn't arrive yet and you want to place an offer - use "Trade with a bot" option.

BitBay allows you to exchange currencies in the way that suits you best!

Funds storage

Your BitBay account can be used as a wallet that you can keep your funds in different currencies in. It's because having an account on our platform means you can have balances for each currency. Now you can keep all your currencies in one place and use them however you like.

Funds that you keep on your account are secured with high-level safety tools. Safety is our priority. That's why we keep cryptocurrencies on cold wallets. They are not directly connected to the exchange infrastructure. Fiat currencies are kept on bank accounts in Poland, which guarantees their safety.

Deposits and withdrawals that suit you

On our exchange you can deposit and withdraw your funds using many different methods. You can pick what you prefer.

Classic wire transfers are cheap, but they can take a bit longer because of elixir sessions in banks. Pick this method if you want to deposit money without fees.

Express deposits via DotPay are well known in many Polish online stores. Deposit will appear on your account in 30 minutes.

Would you like to make your deposit in cash? You can go to Żabka and Freshmarket store or to one of Polish Post spots - some of them are open 24/7!

Withdrawals are processed via wire transfers. You can also withdraw PLN from ATMs without a card.

BitBay card (not available)

It's something that no other exchange offers! BitBay card gives you new possibilities.

You don't have to withdraw funds to your bank account anymore. You can pay with BitBay card. Just add funds to it from your BitBay account and you can start using it like a normal debit card. Also with Bitcoin! Thanks to BitBay card you can:

  • Pay at the stores, restaurants and other service points around the world
  • Pay online
  • Withdraw money from the ATMs anywhere in the world

Order your card now!

Affiliate program

Recommend our exchange and gain 20% of our commission from each of your partners. For life!

Register in the affiliate program and get your ref link. You can build your program's structure using it. When your partner does exchange transaction on BitBay, you will get 20% of our commission. More partners, more passive income!

Put the ref link on your website, blog or social media profile. You can also send it to your family and friends. There are many possibilities! See for yourself, join the affiliate program.

BitBay is something more

Our company is not just the exchange. We are a fintech multiplatform. We help our users to exchange currencies and to use them in their businesses.

Besides the exchange we offer as well:

  • Currency wallets
  • Cryptocurrency cantor
  • Online payments
  • On spot payments
  • Bitcoin ATMs

And more!