Pay wherever you want
BitBay Card (not available)


PLN 20 for issuing a card , which is less than PLN 2 per month

PLN 10 monthly charge for annual card usage

PLN 0 for non-cash transactions in brick and mortar and internet stores

PLN 0 for a cash withdrawalas CashBack

3D Secure Internet Payments all over the world

Cash withdrawals at ATMs in Poland and abroad

Payment with a BitBay card

Do you value comfort? Order a MasterCard to your account and top it up with the funds accumulated on your BitBay balance. This is a great alternative to other forms of withdrawal. Use a card to pay wherever you are, online or offline.


The seller fills in the amount
you have to pay


You put your card close
to the terminal


ready! No PIN code or signature up to PLN 50 (in Poland)