Basic Attention Token Blockchain Digital Advertising


The premiere took place: 2018-08-01

Basic Attention Token is an open source token based on the ETH network. The creators of the project wanted to solve the problem of digital ads, which are filled with intermediaries, trackers and cheats.

Official website of Basic Attention Token

Currently, ads are consuming huge part of mobile user data, making websites load slower. In addition, ads may now contain malware. The BAT ecosystem allows advertisers to pass tokens to publishers of the product, based on the users' interest. Users themselves are also rewarded with BATs for watching advertisements. The system takes care of the privacy of users' data at the same time displaying a smaller number of ads, but more adapted to the needs of users.

The whole BAT team is a group of avid and very experienced people. The founder of the project is Brendan Eich - the main creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox.

The BAT token is not subject of mining, its market capitalization for July 2018 is: 329 651 000 USD.

The creators of the Basic Attention Token project divide into three phases:

  • Brave Browser - A fast and already functioning open-source browser that blocks ads with malicious software and trackers. Brave is focused on user privacy.

  • Basic Attention Token - an exchange unit on the platform between publishers, advertisers and users.

  • Phase 1+2 = new order - the Brave browser knowing the places in the network where the user spends his time becomes the ideal tool for calculating the rewards for all users of this platform.