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The premiere took place: 2019-01-29

XBX is a "utility token" created to promote and drive growth, and to enable clients to utilize the features of the Bitex ecosystem. The Bitex platform is intended to be used to provide secure, localized banking and payment services, as well as enable currency trading on the stock exchange.

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The project started in 2017. In the third quarter of that year, the team began working on wallets, a mobile app and the XBX token itself. The Bitex token is based on a protocol well-known for its safety features – the ERC20 Token Standard, with a total supply of XBX 300 000 000. The Bitex token can be used as a mean of payment. Furthermore, Bitex clients taking out a loan will receive their funds in XBX tokens.

The founder of Bitex is Harith Motoshiromizu – a blockchain enthusiast involved in both cryptocurrency trading and development. Over 10 years of entrepreneurship experience, skills and connections all over the world have allowed Bitex to stand out and flourish.

The Bitex creators believe that the greatest impact on society can be achieved by acting locally, striving to serve those left outside of the current banking system by bringing a new, cryptocurrency-based digital economy to those who need it most. That’s why Bitex began its endeavors in Asia, having already acquired a license to provide services in several countries (including Japan and Hong Kong).