Blockchain Poland Fintech business incubator


The premiere took place: 2019-01-29

BlockchainPoland (BCP) is a non-mineable ERC20 Ethereum token. It is intended to serve as a modern means of payment on the Blockchain Poland platform. Additionally, BCP owners will be able to use the token as a stake in a company or a project, enabling them to profit through dividends.

Official BCP website

Blockchain Poland was established in March 2018. BCP is a platform that enables the growth and financing of startup companies working with blockchain technology. It is also a place to exchange ideas, feedback and experiences – a business incubator that enables its users to actively contribute and take part in project creation and realization process, all while staying up-to-date with the workflow and progress.

Blockchain Poland aims high. The project’s creators see the potential and demand for their platform in multiple industries, such as leasing and even biotechnology. Speaking of leasing solutions, it is worth noting that BCP’s 2019 roadmap assumes implementing a solution that will take over the transactional functions of leasing companies.