Bob's RepairUsing Blockchain in the home repair industry.


The premiere took place: 2018-12-06

BOB is an ERC20 Utility Token operating on the Ethereum network. Its main use is as a reward on Bob’s Repair platform, which serves as a medium between skilled trade workers and customers. The reward is split between contractors and customers after completing the job. Furthermore, BOB tokens can be used as a means of payment.

Official BOB website

In 2017, brothers and founders of the STWP (Skilled Trade Worker Platform), Frederic and Alexandre Prandecki, came to the conclusion that their project could be optimized further. Looking for a better solution, they chose blockchain technology. The result was Bob’s Repair platform, which aims to create a blockchain-based, decentralized market allowing for direct contact between clients and home repair contractors. Their platform eliminates many common problems, such as:

  • deceptive service descriptions and presentation
  • unclear or ambiguous pricing
  • hidden “service fees”

Bob’s Repair project is starting to gain momentum. In April 2018, the platform’s prototype went live, and was released to the public shortly after. In addition, the developers are already working on a fully functional mobile app.

There are 360 000 000 BOB tokens in total, and the Market Cap of Bob’s Repair tokens reached $908 295 as of November 2018.