Experty Reward Your Knowledge. Your Minute Matters More With Experty.


The premiere took place: 2018-11-27

The Experty project has its roots in the consulting industry, from which the majority of EXY developers derive their experience. Experty is an application that allows influencers, experts and advisors to contact their clients or community through voice calls and chat.

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The experts set a price per minute, expressed in EXY tokens, making sure that each minute of knowledge sharing is valuable, in terms of both insight and money. Implementing transparent blockchain technology ensures that payments are fast and trustworthy. Experty project’s ICO took place at the beginning of 2018, with the app itself going live in late October of the same year.

The founders’ vision is to create a top-of-mind product in the consultation industry, so when you think consultations online, then your first answer will be Experty.

The project’s CEO is Kamil Przeorski: a long-time consulting expert and an experienced developer. The moment that sparked the idea of creating EXY came after a not-so-fruitful initial consultation with a potential client which left Mr. Przeorski feeling like his time and expertise had been wasted without compensation. The Experty team comprises over 25 specialists with experience in IT, product development, marketing, communications and customer support.

EXY token, which is an in-app means of payment for Experty, is based on the widely recognized Ethereum network and utilizes the ERC223 protocol. The total supply of Experty tokens is EXY 79 404 564. Shortly after releasing the app, in November 2018, EXY market cap surpassed USD 2 500 000.