TenX Make Travelling Simple


The premiere took place: 2018-08-01

TenX team believes that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments are a good direction of development. In order for such payments to be possible and convenient for all users, they set out to combine different blockchain networks so that you can pay for goods and services in every part of the globe without worrying about the currency.

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The whole 66 people team of TenX creators are happy with the help of PayPal in its operation. The main creators of the project are: Toby Hoenisch, Julian Hosp, Michael Sper and Paul Kitti. The PAY token was created as a reward for making transactions and for the needs of ICO. It enjoys high popularity, and by the CoinMarketCap ranking it ranks on the above 50th places (as of July 2018). The token is not subject to mining, and its market capitalization for July 2018 is 94 917 390 USD.