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Fund-raiser for children from Orphanage Katowice - 2019

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Christmas fund-raiser for children from Orphanage in Katowice.

Preparations for Christmas are underway in many homes. Children all over the world are writing down long lists of their dream Christmas gifts, anticipating for Santa Claus. We are all waiting for the unique, Christmas atmosphere - children's smiles, love of the loved ones, and the time spent together with friends and family.

For children from the Orphanages, Christmas time isn't always as joyful as it should be. For them, it often means loneliness and lost hope. There are things that we cannot change, but we can make sure that this year presents will make the kids Christmas dreams come true!

For the fourth time, we are organising fund-raiser for the youngest pupils of the "Tęcza" Orphanage in Katowice.

We are warmly encouraging you to support this action. The funds will be used to buy gifts like toys, books, clothes as well as the equipment necessary for the Orphanage to function correctly. Traditionally Orphanage proteges will write the letters to the Santa Claus, thanks to whom we will be sure that the gifts will be perfect.

Through last years we raised the amount of over PLN 40 000 (over USD 10 000)!

Together with BitCantor team and media partners: bitcoin.pl, FXMAG, Comparic24 and BitHub, we invite you to support this noble goal. Let's show the great heart of crypto-community and give the better Christmas for the children!

@Update 30.12.2019

The donated cryptocurrencies after commissionless conversion gave the amount of PLN 5000 (~USD 1303,24)! On behalf of BitBay and children from the "Tęcza" Orphanage, we thank everyone involved in the fund-raiser!

Just like last year, we bought gift vouchers in the biggest shopping centre in Katowice - Silesia City Center. Children from the Orphanage will choose their dream gifts themselves!

We want to again say thank you to all those who showed their hearts to the children.