Institutional Clients Group

Gain exclusive access to a tailored cryptocurrency trading service and support for professional and active traders.
WebSocket + REST
Non limited
& Settlement
No daily limits
for withdrawals

Benefits for Institutional Clients Group members

WebSocket & REST API

Obtain real-time market data and apply auto-mated trading strategies. Use our new, fast API for both streaming and trading.

Funding and Withdrawals

Make deposits and withdrawals in USD, GBP, EUR, PLN and cryptocurrency without daily limits. 100% of your funds are always at your disposal.

Over The Counter Trading (OTC)

Get access to dozens of liquidity pools in one place. RFQ allows you to receive a single price on screen in just milliseconds before you decide to execute the trade.

Sub Accounts

Group and diversify your funds on your corporate account. Get a perfect transparency of your operations.

Customizable Trading Limits

The larger one deserves more. As an ICG member you can apply for higher trading limits to quote more ag-gressively.

VFA Line

Leverage your trading by using a dedicated Virtual Financial Assets Line delivered by external partners (“credit line”). Thanks to this option you can increase potential profit.

Clearing & Settlement

Benefit form services of one of the Leading Global Clearing House specialized in cryptocurrencies.

Fast on-boarding

Our Institutional Clients Group specialist will assist you through the registration and verification process.

ICG members

Advanced Trading Options

We offer you the largest number of available types of offers on the market, including stop, IOC and more.


BitBay complies high standards of security. Cryptocurrencies are stored in our cold wallets architecture.

Dedicated ICG Support

You can directly contact our representative from Monday to Friday, all around the clock!

Contact our team [email protected]