Warning about BitBay (BAY) cryptocurrency

05-09-2017 09:13

Due to your frequent queries, we would like to inform and warn you that BitBay (BAY) cryptocurrency is not a part of our business and is not affiliated with our exchange and trading platforms ( and Convergence of names is not intentional on our side, and legal steps have been t...

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August holiday break

11-08-2017 09:09

We would like to inform you that on August 14-15 our Customer Service Office in Katowice will be closed. Chat and hotline are going to be unavailable on these days as well. On the 15th of August card top-ups, cash deposits at Polish Post offices and express withdrawals are not going to be processe...

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BCC trading is now available

03-08-2017 09:08

We would like to inform you that BCC trading on our platform has been launched. Access to funds: Every user with a BTC balance on our platform, has received funds in the BCC. The balances are in accordance with the state of hold on: 2017-08-01 14: 22: 21.43. Markets: Due to your interest in trad...

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BTC deposits and withdrawals suspended due to SegWit

31-07-2017 09:11

We would like to inform you that due to planned SegWit activation on August 1st, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are temporarily suspended, starting from 12:00pm July 31st 2017 for at least 48 hours. Our clients’ funds are safe. If Bitcoin chain splits, all BitBay users will gain the exact amount o...

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Announcement about SegWit activation on August 1st

25-07-2017 09:06

Due to planned activation of SegWit on August 1st, we would like to inform you that BitBay wallets are compatible with SegWit, which means our clients' funds are safe and there’s no need to withdraw them from the exchange accounts. The exception would be a situation when you would like to have contr...

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