Official information about Bitcoin forks

17-10-2017 08:18

Due to upcoming Bitcoin cryptocurrency forks, we would like to provide you all needed information and a plan for the next days. First of all, during both forks, your funds are going to be safe. Since fork related to Segwit2x doesn’t apply one method of funds’ division (so-called „replay protection”...

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Invitation to Cryptocurrency World Expo

13-10-2017 14:51

At the beginning of December we would like to invite you to a unique event that will be held in Warsaw. Cryptocurrency World Expo is one of the biggest digital currency event. CEO of BitBay exchange and CCO of BitBay Pay payment solution will speak there among other lecturers. Both companies are Gol...

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It's here! Welcome BitBay 3.0!

23-09-2017 15:00

Welcome BitBay 3.0! We are happy to inform you that the migration from BitBay 2.0 to 3.0 has been successful. Check out BitBay 3.0 Below you will find the necessary information about what has been done and what will happen in the near future. Change of cryptocurrency deposits address CAUTION! Crypt...

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The launch of BitBay 3.0

15-09-2017 09:14

On 23rd of September you are going to get the possibility to use the newest update of our exchange - BitBay 3.0. It is the effect of our team hard work, that took us months of careful testing. In order to make you feel comfortable during this event, we want to share with you essential information ab...

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Warning about BitBay (BAY) cryptocurrency

05-09-2017 09:13

Due to your frequent queries, we would like to inform and warn you that BitBay (BAY) cryptocurrency is not a part of our business and is not affiliated with our exchange and trading platforms ( and Convergence of names is not intentional on our side, and legal steps have been t...

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