EURO deposits with VISA cards!

16-09-2020 11:00

Even more possibilities! We have introduced VISA payments in EURO! We currently support deposits with VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards in PLN and EUR. How to use them? Check out our guide. Why try out a card payment? We support card payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Funds even i...

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REPv2 trading, deposits and withdrawals are now available!

09-09-2020 16:00
We are happy to announce that the Augur (REP) token swap to Augur v2 (REPv2) has been completed successfully and trading, deposits and withdrawals REPv2 are now available. Thank you for your patience, and we wish you successful trading!
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Scheduled maintenance on 9 September 2020

08-09-2020 13:30
Please be informed that on 09/09/2020 due to the Augur (REP) token swap to Augur v2 (REPv2) we are planning two maintenance breaks: 11:00 - 11:05 am (GMT+2) 3:45 - 3:50 pm (GMT+2) We apologize for the inconvenience.
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New! Buy and Sell USDT!

02-09-2020 12:45

Tether (USDT) is now available on our exchange. You can deposit and withdraw USDT, as well as trade on new markets. On our platform you can find Tether in 4 trading pairs: USDT / BTC USDT / ETH USDT / LTC USDT / LINK All USDT markets have a lower trading fee: Maker: 0%, Taker: 0.1% We wish you s...

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Augur v2 (REPv2) on BitBay in September!

26-08-2020 14:30

Check the timeline of Augur (REPv2) Migration. Augur (REP) token swap to Augur v2 (REPv2) will take place on 9 September, 2020. The REP token will be replaced by REPv2. The currency ticker remains unchanged (also in API). Only the description visible on the market will change (REP v2). Please find t...

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