New Terms of Use

24-08-2020 12:15

We would like to inform you that the Terms of Use are going to change on 31 August, 2020. New Terms of Use Important changes Unused deposit addresses for some cryptocurrencies and tokens (the list is available on the Fees page) will now be valid for 6 months. (§ 3, 4) You will find a counter next t...

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Scheduled maintenance on 19 August 2020

17-08-2020 14:30
Please be informed that on 19 August 2020 there will be scheduled maintenance from 11:00 am to 11:05 am (GMT+2). We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Paiements par carte de crédit pour les utilisateurs européens

28-07-2020 15:50

Du nouveau dans nos échanges ! Vous pouvez désormais approvisionner votre compte BitBay en EUR et PLN en toute sécurité et rapidement en utilisant des cartes de crédit/débit, Mastercard. Le service est désormais accessible aux utilisateurs européens. Il sera bientôt étendu à d'autres régions et avec...

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Changes to fees

27-07-2020 16:00

We would like to inform you that from 28 July 2020 new network fees will apply to withdrawals of some cryptocurrencies and tokens listed on our exchange. Check updated fees If you want to compare, you can have a look at the archived table of fees here If you have questions, please contact our supp...

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New Terms of Use. FTO and KZC Delisting

23-07-2020 14:00

New Terms of Use We would like to inform you that the Terms of Use is going to change on 30 July, 2020. At this link you can check the new provisions. The provisions of §3 points 6-9 have been removed from the Regulations. They will be replaced by the Cryptocurrency and Token Recover Policy. Accept...

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