How to add a credit / debit card to the App?

It only takes a few moments to add your card to the BitBay mobile application.

  1. After logging in to the application, go to the "balances" tab and select the PLN wallet.

  2. Select the "deposit" option, then "payment card".

  3. Click the "add new" button, and next, fill in each box with the appropriate data.

  4. If the data is correct, click the "register" button.

  5. Follow the directions on the screen.

  6. Enter the appropriate amount (which you will find after logging into the bank on the transaction list or the list of blockades) into the field visible in the application, and then click "verify".

  7. If the amount is correct, the verification will be approved.

  8. Click the "back" button to go back to the "balances" tab.

  9. Ready!

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