Why can't I withdraw funds for a verified card?

If you have ordered a card payment and it has failed, there are usually three reasons to do so:

  • The card is locked - A payout, like a payment, requires the card to be active and to enable e-commerce transactions. Log in to your banking application and verify that your online transactions are unlocked, and your card is active.

  • Card limit - In the case of card payments, some banks consider the limits that apply to the card (online transactions). For example, if your card has an online transaction limit of PLN 1,000 per day, you can make this deposit card up to that limit. Also, consider that other transactions you have made on the day are reducing your limit. For example, if your card has a limit of PLN 1,000 per day and you have previously made payments of PLN 500, the deposit limit will be only PLN 500.

  • Bank lock - Some banks and FinTech companies that issue cards block the possibility of paying card funds. In this case, we are not able to withdraw, and your funds will not be collected from your account. The companies that m.in. is blocking such transactions are m.in. TransferWise, PSA Payment, Popay Ltd., Dipoket, Twisto, Curve, some Santander bank cards and PKO BP. It is also not possible to withdraw funds from anonymous prepaid cards.

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