MakerStability for the blockchain


La première a eu lieu: 2019-08-01

MKR is a token basen on ETH network, working on the ERC20 protocol, which was created for the needs of the Maker platform.

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MKR Project was realised on 17.12.2017 and it was created on the initiative of Rune Christensen and Andy Milenius.

MKR holders are even part of the system that manages the Maker platform, because the token itself serves as a management and recapitalization tool for the Maker system. The stock of the token is still falling due to the nature of its use - when you pay the commission in the MKR token, it is irreversibly lost. This has a direct impact on the value of MKR. The market capitalization of MKR for July 2018 is 425 453 571 USD.