Payment provider change for PLN deposits and withdrawals

24-10-2019 11:30

Please be informed that we have to decide about a change of the payments service provider in terms of for FIAT deposits and withdrawals by wire bank transfers. Once again, our current partner re-ceived a termination of the service contract from the bank. We were prepared for such a situation. To pro...

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BitBay is licensed in Estonia!

17-10-2019 16:00

We would like to share good news with you. Pinewood Estonia OÜ, a company affiliated with us, has obtained two licenses legitimizing it to operate the cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia! In view of interests of our users, we have decided that this company will become the new operator of the BitBay e...

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Change of Terms of Use on 24.10.2019

16-10-2019 17:00
We want to inform you that on 24.10.2019 we are changing BitBay Terms of Use. The further use of Website means acceptance of Terms of Use. In case of not accepting the new regulations, please submit a notice of termination of the service by BitBay via e-mail on [email protected]
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EUR, USD and GBP withdrawals are back!

26-09-2019 17:00

Withdrawals in EUR, USD and GBP via wire bank transfers are back on our platform! Deposits and withdrawals are now available for all fiat currencies: PLN, USD, EUR, and GBP. We appreciate your patience and understanding! To thank you the following services are available free of charge to the end of...

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PLN withdrawals via wire bank transfers are back on BitBay.

18-09-2019 15:00

We want to inform that PLN withdrawals via wire bank transfers are back on BitBay. In the first days after the activation of PLN withdrawals, you may experience some delays on the operator's side. We will stay in constant contact with the operator to reduce their occurrence Please accept our apologi...

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