Change in the manner of handling FIAT deposits and withdrawals

22-08-2019 14:30

Due to the lack of agreement between the BOŚ bank and the payment operator, which serves us, we are forced to change the method of handling deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies. As we reported last week, we are prepared for this situation. New bank accounts are already prepared. Over the next...

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Information on the bank transfers

14-08-2019 10:00

Yesterday we were informed that the payment operator (Igoria Trade S.A.) received service contract termination from the BOŚ bank. Negotiations are still ongoing. Despite this situation, our users do not have to worry. We do not anticipate significant difficulties in using our platform. We know the...

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O que há de novo no BitBay? Resumimos a semana das novidades

07-08-2019 16:00

A semana de notícias terminou e preparamos um resumo deste período intenso: A versão 3.0 foi lançada. BitBay Pay - operador de pagamento licenciado do grupo BitBay. Adicionamos aos nossos serviços uma oferta especial para clientes institucionais! Veja os benefícios do Institutional Clients Group...

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Information on the bank transfers execution - update

16-07-2019 19:00

We want to inform you that from tomorrow, fiat deposits and withdrawals via wire bank transfers will be available again. You can already send deposits to bank accounts visible in the user panel. The first booking will take place tomorrow. Account numbers have not changed. Withdrawals via wire bank t...

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Information on the bank transfers execution

15-07-2019 20:00

Today we have decided to change the payment provider for deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies. Over the next few days, we will replace the accounting system on our platform. As a result of this operation, new bank account numbers for deposits will be released. Deposits and withdrawals are ava...

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