BitBay becomes first crypto platform to pass Estonia’s strict new regulatory rules

29-09-2021 09:30

We become Estonia’s first fully licensed and regulated crypto exchange under a strict new regulatory framework imposed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Autumn 2020. The audit, which was carried out by an independent 3rd party, examined both crypto and fiat financial assets and st...

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SWIPE (SXP) & REEF (REEF) available on BitBay

27-09-2021 15:00

We are pleased to announce that we are adding Swipe and Reef to our platform. Deposits are available from Tuesday 28.09 and trading begins on Thursday 30.09. Starting from September 30, BitBay users will be able to buy and sell $SXP and $REEF, the following trading pairs: SXP/PLN SXP/USDT SXP/EUR...

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Threats in the Internet - fake websites


We can come across fraud on the Internet more and more often. One of them is creating pages that pretend to be real login pages for various websites. These are both mobile banking platforms and email. In this article, you'll learn how to spot fake login pages so that you don't fall victim to scammer...

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Threats in the Internet - fake applications


Mobile phones have made a huge progress. First mobiles had several basic features in addition to the ability to make voice calls and send short and simple text messages. And now, for many of us, these devices replace computers in our everyday lives. Along with their development, the range of risks t...

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Threats in the Internet – Scams


A scam for certain investments One of the most popular fraud scenarios, which has been known for years and is still being implemented, although in many varieties, is a scam that involves taking over the victim’s money under the pretext of a certain, highly profitable investment. Some scams of this t...

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