Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate Program?

It is an internet marketing tool. In this program, the organizer is an 'online platform' offering products or services. A participant is an individual or a company who has his own website. After enrolling in the program, the Partner places on the website materials provided by the organizer. In retur...

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How to make extra profit on recommending BitBay?

Participant of an Affiliate Program receives up to 80% of the commission charged to the Users as trading fees. Go to the "Affiliation" tab in the menu on the left, then accept the terms and conditions for participation in the program. We will give you a referral link, enabling you to start recommend...

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How to monitor results in affiliate program?

All information will be displayed in the user panel in the Affiliate tab. The detailed report is available in the Reports tab.

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How to withdraw funds from the program?

In your panel, in section Affiliate you will find Earnings option. Payments shall be made in currency in which commission was granted to you. Funds will be directed to your account.

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Can I promote Bitbay in more than one place?

You can promote Bitbay in as many places as you wish. We actually encourage our Participants to be active as it maximizes their revenue. However, the way you promote cannot violate the governing law. Please note, it also cannot affect the company's image negatively. Please send the materi...

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