How to make a quick transfer abroad?

There are sometimes situations when an immediate transfer of funds is necessary. Bank accounts are dependent on banking sessions and usually do not allow an express booking of transferred money. The problem is also having a bank account in a country other than the recipient or sender of the transfer - this involves a large fee The alternative is Bitcoin, which can be received at any time of day or night, and its transfer is much cheaper than traditional one.

Digital currency works 24/7

Bitcoin and other digital coins are independent of financial institutions such as banks. Transfers are booked immediately, thanks to which express payments can be made. Our exchange allows instant transfers in digital currency. All you need is your account and the account’s address of the recipient. You do not have to remember any data, you simply need to know the address of the wallet to which you want to transfer money.

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Universal currency

Bitcoin is an international currency. The holder can make payments for goods and services in stationery and online stores all around the world. The list of Bitcoin acceptance points is constantly increasing. The digital currency can also be withdraw at an ATM in the form of fiat currency (EUR, USD, PLN etc.). In case of Bitcoin, time barrier and localization limits are irrelevant, cause, as we mentioned, transfers are booked immediately.

Funds payoffs

When the recipient has received the transfer, he can immediately withdraw funds in the method chosen by himself. This can be an ordinary ATM or special Bitomat, whose number is constantly growing in Poland and all around the world. In addition, it is possible to payoff the money by bank transfer.

All methods of withdrawals are available here.