Lisk (LSK) network fork


Please be informed Lisk's fork is planned for August 21, 2021 (the time depends on the speed of digging blocks).

3 days before the fork (initially on August 19), deposits and withdrawals will be blocked. The resumption of deposits and withdrawals will take place after the situation in the network stabilizes after the fork, but not earlier than August 24. We will inform about the exact date in our social media channels and directly on the trading platform.

What will change for our Users?

  • After the fork, Lisk addresses will be in a different format.
  • Addresses that you have used so far will be inactive (it will not be possible to perform transactions on them).
  • You will find the new addresses in the "deposits" tab or you will be able to download them via API, after we resume the possibility of LSK deposits and withdrawals. Remember: the only valid addresses are the ones that will be available after you start depositing and withdrawing. Please do not convert your current addresses, it may result in loss of funds.
  • The update introduces a dynamic fee, i.e. the fee depends on the network load. Before requesting a withdrawal, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the currently applicable fee. You can check the amount of the fee in the charges tables ( or after logging into your account, in the withdrawals panel.

Details you can found in the Lisk’s official announcement → Lisk Mainnet Regenesis as well as additional information related to migration → Actions Required for the Upcoming Mainnet Migration

The clock counting down the time to the fork you can found HERE.