The change of bank accounts


We are happy to inform you that bank accounts numbers for PLN deposits have been changed on our platform.

For some time, we have been receiving comments that you have experienced problems with crediting PLN deposits, which were mainly caused by misspelled transfer titles. Today, we are happy to announce the effect of our efforts - each of you will receive a dedicated deposit bank account number - connected with your BitBay your account, and which will make it easier for you to make payments.

From July 15, 2017, we will only credit these transfers which will be made to new bank accounts.

Please check your new bank account number before making a deposit.

All transfers made on Friday, which will reach our previous bank account over the weekend and on Monday, will be credited as normal.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that dedicated bank account numbers will help you making deposits easier and faster.