Neumark Innovative investing in the digital era


Estreia aconteceu: 2018-08-13

NEU is an open source token, in practice everyone has access to the source code of this token and can modify it according to their needs. The number of Neumark tokens increases with the amount of investments made on the platform. The quantity limit is 1 500 000 000 NEU, and currently over 53 million pieces of this token have been created.

Official website of Neumark

Co-founders of Neufund are Zoe Adamovicz (CEO) and Marcin Rudolf (CTO). They create a harmonious pair of enthusiasts of new technologies and bringing them to life, preferably with verve, so that technology can help change the world. There is a huge group of partners behind both of them, including: Julian Zawistowski - the creator of the Golem project, and Max Kordek - the co-founder of LSK. NEU market capitalization currently is 14,693,597 USD.

Neufund is a community-based platform for fundraising. Investors on the Neufund platform in exchange for making investments in the ETO (Equity Token Offering) receive Neumark tokens that represent participation in the platform's ecosystem. The token is based on the ERC20 protocol and operates in the ETH network.