What are the benefits of using the Bitcoin exchange?

There are many benefits of using the exchange, the most important ones we have gathered in this article..

Decentralization and the speed of currency transfers

Bitcoin is independent from financial institutions such as banks. It uses a decentralized database that is immune to any manipulation. Transfers are being booked immediately, making the express transfers possible, without the need of third parties. With digital currencies exchanges like ours, we immediately connect buyers with sellers. In the case of fiat currencies (EUR, USD, PLN etc.) we are dependent on the time of posting funds in banks.

We hope that soon the payment of digital currencies in Poland will become a standard, as it happened in Japan.

Operation in 24/7 system

Bitcoin can be traded for 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is one of its major advantages, as it is a very dynamic currency. With the ability of instant exchange, the time barrier has no meaning, as the difference to traditional methods..

The deflationary nature of the digital currency

Bitcoin is suitable for long-term investment due to the deflation. Under deflation conditions for the same amount of coins we will be able to purchase more goods or services. In addition, more and more companies around the world offer the ability of paying the bill in digital currency.

Irreversibility of the transactions

Unlike bank transfers, Bitcoin transactions can not be undone. Therefore, when performing transfers and operations on funds, be very careful, but thanks to the fact that we check the transfer several times before we send, we gain:

  • Immediate transfers to any place in the world
  • Information openness thanks to Blockchain
  • Currency resistant to debt

Investments in digital currencies

You can earn in various ways. The most popular and easiest way is to buy Bitcoin or other coins as a long-term investment, based on the variability of the value. Bitcoin was worth 1,200 PLN in 2014 and 3 years later it was worth over 20,000 PLN.

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Affiliate Program

The exchange allows you to join an affiliate program that let you to earn additional revenue. You will receive a commission from each user, who will register by yours referral link, which you can include on your site, blog or social profiles. The commision will be granted when the person registered from your link will perform the transaction on the exchange. Your commision will be dependent on those transactions. You can find more about it here.