How to use two-factor authentication provided by Google Authenticator?

It's important to keep your funds on BitBay account under your constant control. That's why it's important to turn on the security measures that protect you against attacks of unauthorized individuals who want to deprive you of your money. When you enable the additional security method, your account will ask you to verify all important transactions such as sign-in, withdrawals and changes of your settings.

The recommended by BitBay method is the two-factor Google Authenticator verification. It is a mobile app that generates one-time codes to log in and confirm various actions on your account. Whenever you want to perform an important operation, your account will ask you to enter the code generated by the Google app. At this point you will be sure that even if someone hack into your computer, he won't be able to perform actions on your account without accessing your phone.

To start using Google Authenticator, log in to your BitBay account and then find the "Security Settings" tab in the slider panel on the right.

Once you're in this tab, you need to enable the switch with the Google Authenticator option (it will highlight in blue when it's turn on) and save your changes.

After saving the changes, a window will pop up. It will show you how to save the Google Authenticator key and ask for the code you received from the app.

Then, when you enter the correct code, you will be redirected to the page where you need to approve the operation. On your e-mail address, which you have given at registration, has been sent message automatically with the code needed to authorize the change. Enter the code from the email into the box "enter the authorization code #3" and click "Confirm".

Done! From now on, you will be asked to enter the Google Authenticator code to be able to perform actions on your account. Your funds security has been increased.

When installing the Google Authenticator app, we recommend that you set and synchronize your computer time accordingly.