The Graph (GRT)

Graph is an indexing protocol and global API for organizing data in a blockchain and providing easy access with GraphQL. Developers can use Graph Explorer to search, find, and publish all public data needed to build decentralized applications. Graph Network enables the creation of serverless dApps applications that run entirely on a public infrastructure.

GRT is a native network token used to coordinate work based on ERC20. Node operators, called indexers, stack and earn GRT for processing queries. Anyone can donate GRT to indexers to secure the network and earn rewards. Curators organize the data in The Graph by signaling GRT in useful APIs called subgraphs. Indexers, delegates, and curators work together to organize data for the crypto economy and maintain a useful global API for DeFi and Web3.

The Graph (GRT)
Date of creationOctober 28, 2020
Network consensusNot mineable
Total amount of coins10 000 000 000

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