Why can't I deposit funds with a verified card?

If you ordered a card deposit and it was unsuccessful, there can usually be four reasons for this:

  • The card is blocked - check that the card is active and enables online (e-commerce) transactions.

  • Card limit - please make sure that the amount you want to deposit is not greater than the card limit. Banks apply restrictions on the amount of a one-off transaction, the amount of a transaction on a given day or month. You may also be limited to the number of transactions you can perform on a specific date. Log in to your online or mobile banking service and check your card details and established limits.

  • Bank lock - some banks and FinTech companies that issue cards block the possibility of card payment for a cryptographic purchase. That is the decision of these companies and usually is included in the terms and conditions cards. Among other things The cards of these companies cannot be used to pay the funds: Curve, Twisto, Dipoket, Revault, and some of the cards of Pekao SA Bank.

  • Risk interlock - banks use advanced systems that automatically block suspicious and non-standard card payments. Suppose you have used your card only in a stationary store or have made small payments so far and you want to pay funds that are significantly larger than your regular payments. In that case, the Bank will automatically reject such payment. If your payment has failed and you have excluded the previous three possible reasons, please contact your Bank and ask for the reason for your refusal. Typically, after such contact and informing the Bank that you intend to make a larger or non-standard payment via the Internet to a foreign counterparty, the Bank will deactivate such automatic blocking, and the subsequent payment will be successful.

In case of any additional questions, please create a ticket in our contact form.