Investing - Top 5 most repeated mistakes: the bandwagon effect

19-10-2021 14:30

The bandwagon effect occurs in different areas of human life, which means that it is also present in the sphere of investment in the form of the “a million lemmings can’t be wrong” phenomenon. In this article, we will explain why this is harmful and what characterises this investor error. The bandw...

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The end of support for 11 markets

18-10-2021 15:00

Please be informed that on 21 October at around 11:00 am (CET), BitBay will delist 11 markets. The following pairs will be delisted: GAME/EUR, BOB/EUR,G GNT/EUR, NEU/EUR, XIN/EUR, GAME/USD, BOB/USD, GNT/USD, NEU/USD, XIN/USD, GNT/ETH. Users who have active orders on those markets will receive fund...

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Investing - Top 5 most repeated mistakes: being stubborn

15-10-2021 15:45

Sticking stubbornly to your viewpoint - sounds familiar? This is one of the most common mistakes investors make. No matter how the market behaves, we stick to our point of view - this is a phenomenon typical of beginners. Market conditions are constantly changing, and your role as a trader is to ad...

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Trading $FTM is launched!

14-10-2021 12:00
Trading with Fantom ($ FTM) has just started! From now, you can trade three new pairs on BitBay: FTM/PLN, FTM/EUR, FTM/USDT. Start trading
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Investing - Top 5 most repeated mistakes: emotional bias

13-10-2021 15:00

In this article, we will show how emotional bias can be detrimental to our investments. Excessive emotional involvement in trade might lead to a lack of common sense in your actions. Because emotions can impair your capacity to critically assess a situation, learning to apply objective analysis in t...

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