Weekly cryptocurrency review #6

30-08-2018 17:00

Bitcoin networks have achieved a new hashrate performance record this week. Data from web portals monitoring the blockchain network performance confirms that the current hashrate reaches almost 62 million terahashes per second. This means that Bitcoin has reached this level for the first time in its...

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Bitcoin and BitBay for Homeless Animals Shelter

29-08-2018 17:30

We're starting with another charity event! After the winter fundraising for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and for the Tęcza Children's Home in Katowice, led by oue exchange, it's time for summer support for those in need. This time, the help will receive a branch of the Homeless Animals S...

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Weekly cryptocurrency review #5

23-08-2018 10:30

According to Steve Wozniak, cryptocurrencies are now like the Internet at an early stage of development Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs, recently announced his participation in a cryptology startup. During a recent meeting at Chainxchange, he said in an interview: "I like to keep...

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Weekly cryptocurrency review #4

16-08-2018 13:00

The volume of trading on the Turkish cryptocurrency stock exchanges increases as a result of the Turkish lira collapse. In the last week, cryptoclash exchanges in Turkey recorded a significant increase in trade due to the rapid devaluation of the Turkish lira, which reached the lowest level to the U...

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Exchange on August 15, 2018


We would like to inform you that on 15th of August 2018 accounting of deposits and withdrawals will be changed. On non-working days, banks will not perform incoming or outgoing sessions, therefore deposits and withdrawals via bank transfers in this day will not be performed. Express deposits via Pol...

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