BitBay PRO - Boost your trading up!

19-07-2018 22:23

Dedicated version for traders is already available! Starting today, you can play on our PRO platform, which was tailored to your needs. We have created trading interface, which enables professionals players to analyze using advanced tools. Various kinds of charts, drawing mode or dozens of indicator...

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New coins - Golem and OmiseGo!

16:20 19-07-2018

We do not slow down and after the FIAT currency exchange (read more here), we are implementing novelties. This time, they are new digital coins - Golem and OmiseGo. Golem is a project from the Polish yard. The goal of GNT is to create an open-source supercomputer available to everyone. Check GNT ra...

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New! Currency exchange on BitBay!

15:59 16-07-2018

Another functionality available from today on our exchange! This time, suggested by your questions that have been appearing for a long time (including "can I exchange EUR for PLN?"), we've decided to implement a FIAT currency exchange. It is a quick and convenient way to exchange EUR, PLN and USD in...

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Monero и Zcash доступны на BitBay!

16:00 03-07-2018

3 июля мы реализовали две новые валюты. Это долгожданные Monero и cult Zcash. XMR - первый вилок монеты Bytecoin. Это децентрализованная криптовалюта, ориентированная на частные транзакции, которые также бывают быстрыми и безопасными. ZEC - это монета с открытым исходным кодом, которая обеспечивает...

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New pairs XIN and UCOM!

18:18 11-06-2018

We always try to meet the expectations of our Users and also this time, suggested by your requests, we have created new currency pairs XIN and UCOM (which was called KZC until recently)! From June 11, the markets of these two digital currencies are available in FIAT currencies - PLN, EUR and USD. Li...

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