BitBay’s mobile exchange app is live!

29-11-2018 14:00 10 Месяцы назад

After many months of planning, developing and making things perfect, we are happy to announce that BitBay’s mobile app is now available for download in the App Store and on Google Play. After a week since the release we have more than 5 000 downloads, thank you! Get the iOS app Get the Android app B...

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EXY token now available on BitBay!

27-11-2018 13:59 10 Месяцы назад

We are constantly on the lookout for projects that are worth sharing. Projects such as Experty, whose EXY token has been listed on our exchange today! EXY is a means of payment used by the Experty app. It is an Ethereum-based token utilizing ERC20’s faster and more efficient successor – the ERC223 p...

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AMLT token available on our platform!

20-11-2018 14:59 10 Месяцы назад

Further to the announcement from last week - today we are introducing a new token on the BitBay platform. AMLT is based on the ERC20 protocol. Its task is to create the foundation of a safe and transparent crypto-economics. The token network creates a system in which users from around the world can...

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New coin - TRON. Win TRX!

19-09-2018 15:30 12 Месяцы назад

The release of the new currency on BitBay! TRON is now available on our exchange. TRON, or TRX, was created to build the infrastructure of a completely decentralized internet network. Network performance allows you to make 1500 transactions per second! Check rate of TRX Coin is available in four pai...

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Exclusion of the hidden offers option

17-09-2018 16:45 12 Месяцы назад

Your opinions on functionalities of our platform reach us through various channels. Based on your feedback, we decided to resign from issuing hidden offers. The possibility of publishing new, hidden offers will be blocked on September 24th, 2018. Please keep this in mind especially if you use automa...

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