AMLT Creating a safer crypto-economy


The premiere took place: 2018-11-20

AMLT is a token basen on ERC20 protocol, and it's aim is to create a foundation of safer and transparent crypto-economics, enabling network users to identify potential risks for others.

Official AMLT website

AMLT was created by Coinfirm. Works on the token began in 2017 and a year later, on September 25, AMLT network in BETA version was created. This network creates a system thanks to which users from all over the world can report addresses of cryptocurrencies related to illegal activity and be rewarded for it. In the first month of existence of the network, hundreds of suspicious cryptocurrencies were reported.

AMLT token was created not only for entities related to the blockchain network - the creators want it to be used by companies from more traditional sectors, for example - banks and commercial companies.

The CEO of the company responsible for creating AMLT is Paweł Kuskowski - a well-known adviser and specialist in the field of AML (anti-money laundering). AMLT team has vast knowledge and experience in the field from AML to security in the IT sector.

The AMLT project is constantly evolving, and the creators are constantly working on its improvement. AMLT Roadmap includes introduction of the Smart Contract function, which automates the distribution of tokens, or allowing the estimated risk to be saved in a blockchain network.

The maximum number of this token is 400,000,000 AMLT, and capitalization in November 2018 is 1 105 069 USD.