Pundi X Borderless payments ecosystem


The premiere took place: 2019-08-01

NPXS is used as a means of payment and loyalty award in Pundi X ecosystem.

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The mission of NPXS is to enable digital currencies to be more accessible to more people across the borders and further increase the utility of digital currencies.

Pundi X was created in September 2017, when the three experts decided to cooperate:

  • CEO - Zac Cheah - with twelve years of experience in mobile and web games market.
  • CTO - Pitt Huang - Great blockchain entrepreneur. He managed to create and sell several start-ups. Huang sold his first Groupon-like company at the age of 25.
  • CFO - Danny Lim - PhD Law scholar from Tsinghua University. Danny has experience in product design.

Buying digital currencies should be as easy as buying bottled water.

NPXS is an ERC-20 utility token used as a means of payment in the XPOS system. Also, NPXS is used as a reward in loyalty reward in the Pundi X ecosystem.

ICO ended on January 2018. NPXS capitalization on 23rd July 2019 equals 146 173 158 USD.