"Top 100 TRX Traders" Contest


TRON Decentralize the web


The premiere took place: 2018-09-19

TRON is an ambitious project, created to build the infrastructure of a completely decentralized Internet network. The TRON protocol is one of the biggest operating systems in the world based on the blockchain network, offering great availability and scalability.

Official website of Tron

A huge change has been made in the whole project on 31st of May 2018. The main-net has been launched, its own blockchain, so TRON has become a full-fledged cryptocurrency and is no longer a token based on the ETH and ERC20 standards. However, on 25th of June 2018, the genesis block was digged out. This day was named TRX independence day. It takes 15 seconds to dig out a block and the network performance allows you to make 1500 transactions per second!

The founder of TRON is the CEO of this platform, CEO of BitTorrent, former advisor and main representative in China of the Ripple team - Justin Sun. He was in the Chinese edition of Forbes and was named the Man of the Year by China Network Television. The team consists of over 100 members of many nationalities with extensive experience in the blockchain network.

Mining TRX is based on the dPoS protocol. On September 2018 the market capitalization is: 1 635 030 775 USD.

"Top 100 TRX Traders" Competition

Join the competion and win TRX! Top 100 traders with the highest trading volume of TRON will be rewarded with a pool of total 400 000 TRX.

  • How to win? Trade TRON on BitBay! 100 users with the highest total TRX volume traded on BitBay account during the campaign period will win the prizes.

  • Time period: 20th Septemver 2018 00:00 CET - 4th October 2018 24:00 CET

  • Total Prizes: 400 000 TRX

Top 100 Bitbay users with highest trading volume of TRX, will be rewarded:

Place Prize (TRX)
1st place 30 000
2nd place 20 000
3rd place 15 000
4th - 9th places will receive an equally divided pool of 60 000
10th - 29th places will receive an equally divided pool of120 000
30th - 49th places will receive an equally divided pool of72 000
50th - 69th places will receive an equally divided pool of52 000
70th - 100th places will receive an equally divided pool of31 000

The results of the Competition will be held on October 4th 2018 until 4 p.m CET. The Winners of the Competition will be notified on October 5th 2018 through the e-mail message. The Prizes shall be delivered to the Winners Accounts on the Website as soon as possible after the results will be announced - no later than on October 11th 2018.

Users who have not passed the full verification must undergo the verification procedure by 3rd of October 2018 at the latest.

In order to participate in the Competition, Users are obliged to declare their participation by sending to [email protected] a message including phrase: „I want to participate in Top 100 TRX Trader competition”.


Participation in the competition is explicit with reading and agreeing to the regulations. Read Terms and Conditions.