How to install and configure the BitBay mobile application?

BitBay mobile application is an essential tool of every trader. Thanks to it, you can check cryptocurrency prices and make transactions from anywhere, anytime.

What's more, by downloading the application, you also gain access to widgets that will allow you to view the situation on the markets without logging in.

Download the application depending on your device's operating system:

To connect the application with the BitBay account, click on the username icon and select "Connected applications" from the menu.

In the next step, click the "Connect to a new device" button.

If you do not have an application on your device yet, download it and then proceed to connect the application with the BitBay account using a QR code. Click "GENERATE QR CODE" and prepare your device with the BitBay application.

While generating a QR code, API keys required for application authorization are created. Information about API keys can be found in the "API Settings" tab. Access to the application can be blocked by deleting the API keys.

Creating API keys requires confirmation with an authorization code.

After a positive verification, the QR code will be displayed. To connect a mobile application with a BitBay account, scan the QR code using the app or copy the key given below.

In case of any questions regarding the mobile app, contact our support team.