How to place an order on BitBay?

Buying or selling cryptocurrency using "Place an order" option most of the time ensures making a transaction with a calculated "Maker" commission.

After logging into your BitBay account under the graph, you'll find a panel with few options of buying/selling cryptocurrencies:

To place a purchase offer, enter the amounts that interest you to the two of the three boxes (exchange rate, number of cryptocurrencies, or price). Value of the last, empty box will be calculated automatically.

After clicking the "Buy" button, your offer will be placed in the order book. You'll also find it in "My Offers" tab.

Important! If there's a sale offer on the same or more favourable exchange rate, then your offer will be executed immediately, and a "Taker" commission will be charged.

Remember that offers on the same exchange rate placed by few users are being executed in order of issue.

Placing a sale order is done in the same way.