How to use the BitBay's PRO chart?

Go to the 'Market' tab to view the graph (or charts, depending on the previously set options).

In its upper right part you will find options such as:

  • 1) the drawing toolbar,
  • 2) style of posts,
  • 3) indicators,
  • 4) full-screen mode.

1) Drawing tools on the chart are used for precise market research and making forecasts. Feel free to adjust them with shape, length, thickness, colors to your needs. 2) Use the new styles of bars - baseline, renko, line break, kaga, point and shape. 3) Choose the indicator you want to analyze the market. Personalize it, by giving it a style and priority. You can use even several indicators at once and compare. 4) Enable or disable full screen mode by clicking on the full screen icon in the upper right corner of the chart.

To adjust chart to your preferences, you can also use scale settings. Set it as you need or reset by clicking 'Reset scale'.

If you are new on BitBay or you need to read more about our charts, please check the article What are the symbols on the exchange chart?

BitBay PRO allows you to view more that just one chart at one time.

In the "Market" view, a list of currencies is on the left. Hover on the chosen one. There will be three dots sign "Show options for this currency pair". Next to "Add to favorites" and "Set a hot key" you will find the "Add to the chart" option. You can display up to 8 charts.