What is it and what does BitBay PRO contain? How to enable and disable this mode?

BitBay PRO is a trading version of our crypto trading platform that gives you access to professional tools and indicators that facilitate the analysis of the cryptocurrency market. The PRO mode includes an intuitive interface, the ability to make deposits and withdrawals, as well as it allows you to customize the layout according to your preferences.

To enable PRO mode, log in to BitBay.net in the same way as before. On the left, you find the menu with a tab "PRO mode". Click on it, and you will be transferred to our trading version.

Please remember that BitBay is not responsible for improper use of the trading tools.

PRO mode contains:

  • Dashboard

You will find all essential elements: wallets value, quick access to deposits and withdrawals in the menu on the left, detailed information about the markets (broken down into fiat and BTC markets), as well as relevant information about the platform's offer.

  • Market

'Market' is a place where you can find information about the current market situation, and where you can trade. Here you have access to the orderbook, recent transactions list, professional charts (including market depth chart), and to purchase and sale options.

  • Balances

‘Balances’ represents the value of all funds on the account, calculated according to the rate of the last transaction on the BitBay markets. You can also check the value of each wallet separately, specifying the sum, status (available, blocked, pending), current exchange rate and currency value in relation to the exchange rate. By clicking on the wallet you will be able to make a deposit or withdrawal.

  • Offers

In the 'Offers' tab you will see all your offers and transaction history. In PRO Mode, the transaction history allows you to view all transactions that have been made to complete the offer.

You can check your balance by clicking on the 'Balances' tab in the upper right corner. Next, you will see a list of wallets with a total balance, status (available, blocked, pending), the current rate and the value of the currency concerning the rate.

Adjust the look of the PRO Mode to your needs! Click the settings icon (a gear) in the upper right corner of the panel to select one of the four layouts. You can also change the color theme - light or dark.

Click 'More Settings' to change the position of the side menu and the order in which the items are displayed. In the 'Detailed settings' tab, you can change the display of:

  • transaction forms order,
  • font of numerical values,
  • location of notifications,
  • columns order,
  • candle values,
  • candle type,
  • candle values approximation.

To disable the default PRO mode, log in to your account on BitBay.net in the same way as before. After successfully logging in, open a new tab in your browser and enter the address: app.bitbay.net. You will see the previous exchange panel (the BitBay.net exchange in classic mode). At the top of the panel, you will see information bars - one of them will be the option to disable PRO as the default mode. Click 'Disable'. From this moment every time you will be logging in, your default mode will be the classic one.

If you want to re-enable the default PRO Mode, follow the instructions: What is BitBay PRO? How to activate it?

An up-to-date web browser is an indispensable tool for the proper functioning of the PRO Mode. If you have an old browser, our system will inform you about it and ask you for an update.

If you have an up-to-date version of the browser, and the problem still occurs, please clear the cache and refresh the website.

If the situation continues, we encourage you to contact our support via hotline, chat on the website or contact form..